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Health Insurance


Before you are admitted to hospital, you will require the services of a specialist and probably undergo diagnostic tests. If you are admitted to hospital as a result, the costs associated with the specialist and tests will be covered under option 1. However, if no hospital admission is required, these costs will be still covered if you have selected cover under this option.

Tests and specialist visits may end up costing $1,500, for example. While considerably less than a hospital admission, $1,500 is still a considerable cost for most people. Having cover under this option means that you can visit the specialist and have the recommended tests without financial concern. While you will eventually be seen under the public health system, using your insurance to see a specialist next week, instead of in six months time, can be a worthwhile investment in both your health and emotional wellbeing.

Cover usually includes all specialist visits and recommended diagnostic testing. Most health insurers will have an annual cost limit, per person, under this option. However, most policies do not have an excess.