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Updated residential investment property calculator.

It’s election year and three topics are likely to feature in the media as the political parties gear up their arguments in order to secure your vote: housing, rising interest rates and a capital gains tax.

These topics will all have an impact on your property investment decision-making so we thought that it might be a good opportunity to release an updated version of our residential property investment calculator.

So what changes have we made?

  • If you’re not able to carry tax losses forward, we have added an option to build that into your calculation.
  • The building depreciation and building depreciation recovered calculations have been removed.
  • There are new options for the depreciation of chattels. You can now choose whether to calculate chattel depreciation. If you do, you can choose the depreciation method and rate. You can now also choose the replacement rate for chattels.
  • We have added an extra field in Closing Investment Information, which gives you the opportunity to add any disposal costs.
  • We have removed the maximum 15 year investment and mortgage terms. You can now choose any length of term.
  • And finally, we have added an Internal Rate of Return calculation. The IRR calculation is always useful in spreadsheets models, so we’ve included it here too.

As always, we do remind visitors to the Shape of Money website that you should not rely on the result of any calculation. The personal financial investment calculators and information on the website are to be used as a guide only. For example, the residential property investment calculator. is designed for two purposes:

  • To help you take account of the many factors in calculating a return on your property investment, and
  • The information gives you the basis for a discussion with your financial adviser.