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Whether it is a DIY or a managed fund investment, the following topics will help guide you.

The Asset Classes

Understand the different characteristics of each class, and their role in a investment portfolio.

Cash and Fixed Interest Investments

This topic looks at how you can invest directly in cash and fixed interest investment opportunities.

Residential Property Investment

A comprehensive resource base to help maximise the profitability of your next residential property investment.


If you're planning to make your own share investments, be prepared for a lot of hard work. But, hopefully, you'll also have some fun and financial success along the way.

Unit Trusts

the Shape of Money recommends a small number of excellent funds to its clients. But not all funds are born equal.

Superannuation Funds

Information to help you understand your superannuation fund.

Small Businesses

Investing in your small business has it's own particular issues and problems.

Other Investment Topics

Other investment topics include the basic investment valuation model and investing in your own home.