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Consumer Debt Reduction


As we said in the previous page, staying out of debt is the difficult part and, hopefully, by using the money management programme, you're now well on your way.

However, you came into this programme with some consumer debt.

If you still have outstanding debts, now is the time to clear them

There are three possible scenarios.

  1. Through the money management programme, you've worked out how to repay the outstanding balances. There's nothing additional for us to offer, as that remains the best solution.
  2. The balances are substantial, and repaying them, together with the interest charges, is very difficult. If you're in this position, please talk to your local bank or other reputable financial organisation; talk to them about restructuring your outstanding debt into a personal loan. The advantage of this strategy, is that the interest rate will be lower and that they'll be able to tailor the repayment schedule to your money management programme.
  3. If repayment of the outstanding balances is impossible, for whatever reason, please contact a specialist budgeting assistance group who can offer personal and confidential assistance. Many people reach a financial crisis at some point in their lives. These groups help thousands of families each month. Please contact them, take print-outs of the work you've completed so far, and they'll do their best to assist you.

Remember, when that debt is paid off

  • Get rid of excess cards,
  • Follow the money management programme, and
  • Stay out of debt.