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Student Loans


Beginning your career with a student debt the size of the average mortgage (or car loan, at the very least) is a good reason to start using a money management system.

The bad news about your student loan is not the size of it but that it is the first of a number of loans and debts that you will find yourself paying back over the coming years.

Budgeting and controlling your money while in tertiary education will help keep costs and debt down. You'll also gain some traction, in learning at a relatively young age the importance of planning for your future. While retirement seems like a hundred years away, it's really just around the financial corner.

the Shape of Money recommends that you look at our budget information. A small investment of your time today will reap financial rewards in the future. Don't worry if you aren't a commerce grad; we've supplied the tools and tips, you need only supply the commitment.