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Cash And Fixed Interest


Some other notes to consider

  • Have your interest income reinvested if possible, to take advantage of the compounding effect.
  • As in all investment markets, a higher return is the market's warning of higher risk.
  • Check the value of the minimum investment.
  • Diversify across various fixed interest investments and terms. This will help minimise your exposure to changes in interest rates which, no matter what the commentators may say, can be difficult to predict with any certainty.

Information you could read

Additional resources

There are a number of useful books which you could consider buying or borrowing. Most of these include information on investing in cash and fixed interest investments. It's particularly useful to understand the technical nature of some of these investments, for example, the term "bond yield".
Magazines such as the NZ Investor Monthly and financial newspapers such as the National Business Review and The Independent are a useful resource.

The NZX Debt Market has a useful site with some good information while "is the easy place to find who is offering the best interest rates in New Zealand".