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Information relevant to the individual company that you should look into includes:

  • Annual report - know what to read and what's being said between the lines.
  • Directors - who are the directors and what are their qualifications for the directorship of this company?
  • Management team - a high quality management team is one of the key success drivers for a business.
  • Debt levels - understand the risks and benefits of varying degrees of debt.
  • Cash flow - understand why cash flow is more important than profit, and how to find the right information.
  • Market position - what position does the company have in its sector?
  • Branding - understand the importance of brands and the associated difficulties in measuring brand value.
  • Technology - how important is technology to the business?
  • Competition - what is the competition? Where are future threats? Is the company prepared for them?
  • Ratios - learn which financial ratios you should use in measuring a business, how to calculate them and where to find the information.
  • Sustainable profitability - the value of a company is based on its future sustainable earnings. Learn what that means and how to prepare your own analysis.
  • Abnormal items - do companies really report the good news above the line, and bad news below the line as an abnormal item?
  • Dividends - how important is the dividend rate? What is a dividend yield? What is an imputation credit?