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Secrets To Wealth


The next secret to wealth: record keeping.

Unfortunately, not all the secrets to wealth are fun. Record keeping is such an example. It's a secret that isn't as important as the rest, but, under certain circumstances, accurate and complete record keeping will be hugely beneficial.

From the simple example of ensuring that you remember to pay the motor vehicle insurance policy, through to the difficult circumstance of a family death, record keeping has its role to play in achieving your financial goals.

Accurate and complete record keeping involves:

  • Having an up-to-date will,
  • Documenting the whereabouts of all important information and records (keep both electronic and paper-based copies), and
  • Having a list of organisations that you need to advise of any material changes, such as change of address or major illness.

The information you (or someone else) may need to easily access includes your will, passports, bank account details, insurance policies, tax returns, credit card information, mortgage details, investments and investment transactions.

If you have a shoebox that you "file" old receipts in, take some time to go through it and put some order in your record keeping. It's a job for a Sunday afternoon, but one which you'll be pleased you undertook.