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"Budgeting" is a word that can conjure up images of denial, of a boring lifestyle, or of missing out on all the fun of life.

But whatever your personal perception of budgeting might be, the reality is that you'll earn only a limited amount of money during your lifetime. This is your opportunity to maximize that amount.

As you progress through the secrets to wealth, you'll have to choose between spending freely - as you have in the past - and putting money aside to help meet your financial goals. It's time to start controlling your own destiny.

Why is it that someone on $35k can save more than someone earning $100k? If you've been waiting for your next pay rise to start saving, then ask yourself "what did I do with the last pay rise?" "And the one before that?"

The reason that someone on $35k can save more than someone on $100k is a budget.

Budgeting is about understanding and controlling

  • How much you earn,
  • How much you spend and on what, and
  • The real difference between your income and expenditure.

If you don't have a budget, or don't use a budget regularly, you'll never achieve your financial dreams.

A budget is the only real means to gather all the information needed to be able to fully exploit the remaining secrets to wealth.

Why not take up the challenge? Tomorrow, click on "the introduction to budgeting". Don't forget to update your plan by including this task as one of your action points.